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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] tracing/filters: allow user-input to be integer-like string
>> This also conflicts with Tom's rewrite of the filter engine to make 
>> it on-the-fly modifiable.
>> Li, mind reworking your series against latest -tip? (it has Tom's
>> patch included already)
>> Also, it would be nice to hear Tom's opinion about this series as
>> well. I know there's new parsing features planned - if it's better
>> that way then Tom you might want to pick up Li's patches and submit
>> them together with any pending or upcoming changes? We can apply
>> them directly too if that's easier to you.
> I had started on the new parser a couple weeks ago, but got sidetracked
> by other things. I'll be getting back to it this week, but until it's
> ready it wouldn't hurt for you to pick up Li's patches, and I'll make
> any changes I need to in the new code.

Ok, I'll rebase those patches and send to Ingo.

> What this patch does will be needed by the new code too, so it would be
> good to have it, though it might get moved around. Patch 2 won't hurt
> either, though everything in filter_parse() will probably change. And
> patch 3 fixes a bug that needs to be fixed regardless...

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