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SubjectRe: mcp55 forcedeth woes

On Tue, April 14, 2009 9:34 am, John Stoffel wrote:
> I've also got one of these boards, but I seem to recall that 2.6.28
> and higher worked just fine, but when I was chasing another problem
> with complete system crashes when running tcpdump, I found the dead
> port problem as well.

Yeah, this one surfaced after I had a memory stick go bad and lock up the
machine several times.

> Thanks for posting your workaround, they'll be a big help. Esp if I
> put them in early to the system boot process as a quick hack.
> The M2N-SLI Deluxe boards are nice though, stable stable stable. I've
> been very happy with mine. I wonder if there's a newer BIOS which
> might address some of these issues as well, since it seems to me that
> the BIOS, esp on power up, should be reseting the ports to something
> more sane.

There is a newer bios, 1702, that may address these issues - at least teh
writeup for the 17xx bios for the m2n32 talks about a network lockup fix.
I haven't tried yet. These are the most stable boards I've found; one of
mine runs 6 SATA drives locally, 9 via eSATA, 2 dual DVI video cards, and
2 15K scsi drives, all without a hitch. It never glitches - except for
the d*mn network, this board is a piece of perfection.

Yan Seiner, PE

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