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SubjectRe: Fast testing
Well Arjan it looks that you have a nice laptop if that is your
reboot time :)

The idea about this is that when you have some idea and you
write code, doing reboot and stuff can make you forgot your idea.
If you write normal program you probably press "build" or type
"gcc" at least 10 times to see what is going on. I think that only
thing necessary is: system to boot one time and then you can
load image in ram memory as many times as you want. So I am
not sure if this is ok, but at least I will try.

But I am not saying that if this works, the changes are going to
crush or freeze system more often than produce any kind of result :)

For example, we can boot from GRUB command line, so this would
be something like falling back to GRUB command line [to that point]
and load [any] image in ram memory.


Dragoslav Zaric

[Programmer, M.Sc Astrophysics]

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