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SubjectRe: Out-of-order writing by disk drives
Andi Kleen wrote:
> "Anton Ertl" <> writes:
> >
> > /dev/md2 /home ext3 defaults,barrier=1 1 2
> Just make sure /dev/md2 is a RAID1, MD RAID0/5/10 don't support barriers.

Thank you. I added the following to the README:

|Note that, as of this writing (2009-04), not all Linux devices support
|barriers, in particular md devices only support them in RAID 1 mode;
|the kernel will reportedly warn about the lack of barriers if you try
|to use ext3 with barriers on a device that does not support barriers
|(look in, e.g., dmesg).

> See also my general treatise of multiple device barriers earlier today.

I guess you mean <> in the
"dm-multipath and write request ordering" thread. Thank you for the

- anton

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