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    SubjectRe: [PROPOSED] ata: Report 16/32bit PIO as best we can
    Alan Cox wrote:
    >> But.. these do look rather suspiciously like sysfs attrs to me.
    > I'd rather any future sysfs interface actually exposed something more
    > meaningful. This is a legacy fixup 8)
    >> We didn't have a sysfs in the IDE days (so Gadi added the klunky
    >> procfs "settings" thing for there), but we do now.
    >> I'm happy to update hdparm to check sysfs if that's where this
    >> ends up, or to do almost nothing for it if we stick with the ioctls.
    > I'm not sure sysfs helps much anyway - you have to open the device file
    > and keep it open while accessing the sysfs nodes anyway (something huge
    > numbers of apps hopelessly fail to do so)

    FWIW... here is the sysfs work I referred to (in a message sent several
    days ago in this thread)...


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