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    SubjectRe: [PATCH, RFC 0/3] Improvements to the tracing documentation

    * Theodore Ts'o <> wrote:

    > At the kernel panel at the Linux Foundation Collaboration
    > Summit, I mentioned that the documentation for the tracing
    > subsystem could be improved; in particular, that very
    > often the needed documentation for how the various tracers
    > worked could only be found in the git commit logs, Kconfig
    > files, and of course, reading the source.
    > Since criticisms should be followed up with some attempts
    > to improve the situation, here are some patches to improve
    > the tracing documentation.
    > I'm not sure the documentation is 100% correct, but by
    > submitting it, hopefully that the tracer authors will get
    > flushed out of the woodwork and be inspired to improve
    > what has been submitted. :-)

    Applied, thanks Ted!

    Patch #1 was already present in the tracing tree - i've
    added both the event and the power tracer docs to


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