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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 8/9] vfs: Implement generic revoked file operations
Jamie Lokier <> writes:

>> revoked_file_ops return 0 from reads (aka EOF). Tell poll the file is
>> always ready for I/O and return -EIO from all other operations.
> I think read should return -EIO too. If a program is reading from a
> /proc file (say), and the thing it's reading suddenly disappears, EOF
> gives the false impression that it's read to the end of formatted data
> from that file and it can process the data as if it's complete, which
> is wrong.

Good point EIO is the current read return value for a removed proc file.

For closed pipes, and hung up ttys the read return value is 0, and from
my reading that is what bsd returns after a sys_revoke.

The reason I have f_op settable is because I never expected complete
agreement on the return codes, and because it makes auditing and spotting
this kind of thing easier.

I guess I should make two variations on revoked_file_ops then. Say
eof_file_ops, eio_file_ops. Identical except for their treatment of


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