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Subject[PATCH, RFC 1/3] tracing: Update documentation references in kernel/trace/Kconfig
Commit 66bb7488 consolidated documentation files into
Documentation/trace, but it didn't update references found in the
kernel/trace/Kconfig file. Fix this.

Signed-off-by: "Theodore Ts'o" <>
Cc: Li Zefan <>
Cc: Steven Rostedt <>
kernel/trace/Kconfig | 4 ++--
1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/kernel/trace/Kconfig b/kernel/trace/Kconfig
index 2246141..417d198 100644
--- a/kernel/trace/Kconfig
+++ b/kernel/trace/Kconfig
@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@ config KMEMTRACE
and profile kernel code.

This requires an userspace application to use. See
- Documentation/vm/kmemtrace.txt for more information.
+ Documentation/trace/kmemtrace.txt for more information.

Saying Y will make the kernel somewhat larger and slower. However,
if you disable kmemtrace at run-time or boot-time, the performance
@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ config MMIOTRACE
implementation and works via page faults. Tracing is disabled by
default and can be enabled at run-time.

- See Documentation/tracers/mmiotrace.txt.
+ See Documentation/trace/mmiotrace.txt.
If you are not helping to develop drivers, say N.


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