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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/30] C/R OpenVZ/Virtuozzo style

On Fri, 10 Apr 2009, Alexey Dobriyan wrote:
> This is to show how we see C/R and to provoke discussion on number of
> important issues (mounts, ...).

My only initial reaction is that I absolutely hate the naming (not to say
I love the code - just to say that I didn't even look at it, because I got
hung up on the name).

"cr"? It could be anything. I realize that to _you_ that is meaningful,
but to somebody less specifically interested in checkpoint-restore 'cr'
means 'carriage return' or just doesn't really say anything at all.

That goes both for file naming (kernel/cr/xyzzy.c) and to a lesser degree
for function naming too. I also don't think it makes sense to have
something like kernel/cr/cr-x86_32.c or kernel/cr/cr-tty.c - maybe that is
good right now, but I sure hope that the long-term goal is to have these
things in the code that will need to change them when the code gets
updated (ie arch/x86/kernel and drivers/char/)


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