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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] lib: add fast lzo decompressor
    H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > Andreas Robinson wrote:
    >> Anyway, I assume it is maintainability rather than size you're concerned
    >> about here?
    > Right, of course.
    >> OTOH, the safe version is far from useless.
    >> I estimate (but haven't tested yet) that you would lose about 40 ms in
    >> the Eee test case. That is, the boot-time savings are reduced from 123
    >> to perhaps 85 ms which is still acceptable. It is certainly much less
    >> complicated than the alternatives, so if that's what you would prefer I
    >> can go that way.
    > I think if the cost is 40 ms once during boot on a slow platform, it's
    > worth unifying the two codebases. I am *not* saying that I don't think
    > boot performance matters -- far be from it -- but I think this is
    > probably worth the reliability and maintainability advantages of having
    > a single piece of code if at all possible.
    > Of course, if you can figure out how to avoid that and still have the
    > code clean, then that's another matter.
    > [Cc: Arjan, fast boot evangelizer. ;)]

    as long as LZO is optional.... and it's documented somewhere to not use
    it if you want fast speed I'm totally fine.

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