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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] memcg soft limit (yet another new design) v1
Balbir Singh wrote:
>> ==brief test result==
>> On 2CPU/1.6GB bytes machine. create group A and B
>> A. soft limit=300M
>> B. no soft limit
>> Run a malloc() program on B and allcoate 1G of memory. The program
>> just
>> sleeps after allocating memory and no memory refernce after it.
>> Run make -j 6 and compile the kernel.
>> When vm.swappiness = 60 => 60MB of memory are swapped out from B.
>> When vm.swappiness = 10 => 1MB of memory are swapped out from B
>> If no soft limit, 350MB of swap out will happen from B.(swapiness=60)
> I did some brief functionality tests and the results are far better
> than the previous versions of the patch. Both my v7 (with some minor
> changes) and this patchset seem to do well functionally. Time to do
> some more exhaustive tests. Any results from your end?
Grad to hear that.

Seems good result under several simple tests after fixing
inactive_anon_is_low(). But needed some fixes for corner cases,
add hook to uncharge, hook to cpu hotplug, etc....and making codes
slim, tuning parameters to make more sense. (or adding comments.)

I wonder whether it's convenient to post v2 before new mmotm.
(mmotm includes some fixes around memcg/vmscan.)
I'll continue test (hopefully more complicated cases on big machine.)

Anyway, I often update patch to v5 or more before posting final ones ;)


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