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SubjectRe: [patch -mm] cpusets: add memory_slab_hardwall flag
> Adds a per-cpuset `memory_slab_hardwall' flag.
> The slab allocator interface for determining whether an object is allowed
> is
> int current_cpuset_object_allowed(int node, gfp_t flags)
> This returns non-zero when the object is allowed, either because
> current's cpuset does not have memory_slab_hardwall enabled or because
> it allows allocation on the node. Otherwise, it returns zero.
> This interface is lockless because a task's cpuset can always be safely
> dereferenced atomically.
> For slab, if the physical node id of the cpu cache is not from an
> allowable node, the allocation will fail. If an allocation is targeted
> for a node that is not allowed, we allocate from an appropriate one
> instead of failing.
> For slob, if the page from the slob list is not from an allowable node,
> we continue to scan for an appropriate slab. If none can be used, a new
> slab is allocated.
> For slub, if the cpu slab is not from an allowable node, the partial list
> is scanned for a replacement. If none can be used, a new slab is
> allocated.

this description only explay how to implement this.
but no explain why this patch is useful.

Could you please who and why need it?

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