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    SubjectRe: Direct transfer between SCSI and PCI
    On 9.3.2009 14:29, Steve Rottinger wrote:
    >As part
    > of my project, I need to be able to directly transfer data from a large
    > buffer that resides on
    > a custom PCI communications device to a SCSI disk without going through
    > the CPU's main
    > memory. Initially, it seemed like opening up the raw SCSI device in
    > O_DIRECT mode would
    > be the perfect solution. However, through some experimentation, and
    > reading some posts from
    > a few years back, it appears that O_DIRECT only works on buffer's that
    > reside in processor's
    > main memory. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get this to
    > work?

    How would you want your scsi device to get the data? I suppose they are
    stored somewhere on the PCI device memory connected to its local bus or
    alike. At best it can be visible as a PCI bar but I doubt it is. As you
    described it here, there is no way, how would the SCSI device see the data.

    Or do you want to move the data from the PCI device via DMA implemented
    in it directly to the SCSI device? How would you do this? I guess SCSI
    devices do standard S/G DMA so that they read data from host memory by

    Maybe if you elaborate on what exactly do you mean by the idea?

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