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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 00/11] PCI core learns hotplug
* Alex Chiang <>:
> There is still one major bug somewhere that shows up only when using
> the PCIe portdriver (that is, any time PCIe support is built into
> the kernel). You get an oops during multiple remove/rescan cycles,
> especially on devices with an internal bridge.

Got it, we had a double-free in the PCIe port driver which was
causing all sorts of problems.

I fixed that and now this patch series is stable enough for
others to actually apply and test. As of now, there are no known

Of course, I'm going to keep testing and try to find some more
bugs. :)

As a reminder, if you want to play with this series, you'll also
need these two patches:


And now this third patch:

Finally, patch 07/11 needs to be updated. I'll post a reply to
that mail with the updated patch.



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