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Subject[PATCH] PCIe portdrv: eliminate double kfree in remove path
Commit 55633af3 (PCIe portdrv: Use driver data to simplify code)
added a kfree of the driver private data in pcie_port_device_remove
but forgot to remove the old kfree from pcie_portdrv_remove.

Signed-off-by: Alex Chiang <>
diff --git a/drivers/pci/pcie/portdrv_pci.c b/drivers/pci/pcie/portdrv_pci.c
index a6fee6c..f2368b1 100644
--- a/drivers/pci/pcie/portdrv_pci.c
+++ b/drivers/pci/pcie/portdrv_pci.c
@@ -93,7 +93,6 @@ static int __devinit pcie_portdrv_probe (struct pci_dev *dev,
static void pcie_portdrv_remove (struct pci_dev *dev)
- kfree(pci_get_drvdata(dev));

static int error_detected_iter(struct device *device, void *data)

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