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    SubjectXFS status update for February 2009

    In February various smaller fixes have been sent to Linus for 2.6.29,
    including a revert of the faster vmap APIs which don't seem to be quite
    ready yet on the VM side. At the same time various patches have been
    queued up for 2.6.30, with another big batch pending. There also has
    been a repost of the CRC patch series, including support for a new,
    larger inode core.

    SGI released various bits of work in progress from former employees
    that will be extremely helpful for the future development of XFS,
    thanks a lot to Mark Goodwin for making this happen.

    On the userspace side the long awaited 3.0.0 releases of xfsprogs and
    xfsdump finally happened early in the month, accompanies by a 2.2.9
    release of the dmapi userspace. There have been some issues with packaging
    so a new minor release might follow soon.

    The xfs_irecover tool has been relicensed so that it can be merged into
    the GPLv2 codebase of xfsprogs, but the actual integration work hasn't
    happened yet.

    Important bits of XFS documentation that have been available on the XFS
    website in PDF form have been released in the document source form under
    the Creative Commons license so that they can be updates as a community
    effort, and checked into a public git tree.

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