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SubjectRe: Replacing VFAT as filesystem on removeable media
On Tuesday 31 March 2009 16:21:37 Xavier Bestel wrote:
> I'm speaking out of my ass here, but seeing how Microsoft managed to
> sneak some patents into something as trivial as FAT, I'm pretty sure MTP
> is a hell of a minefield.

That did occur to me too but I was somewhat hopeful that perhaps this would be
mitigated by the (eventual?) adoption as a standard.

The spec and an adopters' legal agreement around it is here:

I scanned the agreement and it didn't look like it was obviously evil but I'm
not really qualified to make that judgement ;-) It had some promising words in
it like "zero royalty" but I would be much happier if someone with legal
knowhow (and preferably experience of the standards procedures)
decoded it for me / us!

Assuming the spec is legally "safe" to implement, I would have thought it
would be generally beneficial for device manufacturers to support both
"initiator" and "responder" endpoints under Linux.


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