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SubjectRe: [Orinoco-users] linux-firmware binary corruption with gitweb
Adding the git mailing list.

Pavel Roskin wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-02-28 at 19:24 +0000, Dave wrote:
>> I'm aware of at least a couple users of orinoco who have picked up
>> corrupt firmware# from the linux-firmware tree*.
>> I've verified that the firmware in the repository itself is correct.
>> It appears that downloading the file using the blob/raw links from
>> gitweb causes the corruption (0xc3 everywhere). At least it does with
>> firefox.
> I can confirm the problem with Firefox 3.0.6. But it's not "0xc3
> everywhere". The corrupted file is a result of recoding from iso-8859-1
> to utf-8. The correct agere_sta_fw.bin is 65046 bytes long. The
> corrupted agere_sta_fw.bin is 89729 bytes long.
> There is a way to recode the original binary with GNU recode:
> recode utf8..iso8859-1 agere_sta_fw.bin
> wget 1.11.4 also gets a corrupted file 89729 bytes long.
> curl 7.18.2 also get the corrupted file:
> My strong impression is that the recoding takes place on the server. I
> think the bug should be reported to the gitweb maintainers unless it a
> local breakage on the site.

Thanks Pavel.

I just did a quick scan of the gitweb README - is this an issue with the
$mimetypes_file or $fallback_encoding configurations variables?




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