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    Subjectprivate user<->kernel interface in linux-2.6.30, was Re: TOMOYO in linux-next

    > > That's my main complaint: Documentation.*tomoyo nor
    > > Documentation.*TOMOYO does not exist, still this adds a *lot* of new
    > > user<->kernel interfaces.
    > >
    > > New user<->kernel interaces should be documented and very carefuly
    > > reviewed; I don't think that happened here.
    > These user<->kernel interface are for TOMOYO's policy management tools,
    > not for general userland applications like /bin/bash /usr/sbin/sshd etc.

    I do believe all user<->kernel interfaces should be properly
    reviewed/documented. We'll have to maintain them forever. Just because
    you don't intend them to be used by /bin/bash does not mean people
    will not use them; and it does not mean we will not have to carry them


    (cesky, pictures)

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