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    Subjectuli526x hangs on 2.6.29, not on rc8

    After upgrading from rc8 to final 2.6.29 my machine's network stops working
    after some full speed (100Mb/s) downloads ifdown;ifup, or powering off the
    switch won't solve the problem, however it is solved if I unload the driver
    module and load it again. Tested with another NIC (e1000e based) and
    couldn't reproduce the problem.

    This is happening on final 2.6.29 version but doesn't seem to happen on rc8
    with the same kernel config. Machine is a AMD Athlon 64 running Debian 64

    I don't see any changes on the git for uli526x from rc8 to final, but the
    tulip driver on which this one is based had some changes.

    Don't know what else to add, just ask me for whatever data that may help on

    Manty/BestiaTester ->

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