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SubjectWhat's in hid.git for 2.6.30

below is the list of changes queued in HID tree for 2.6.30.

Apart from the usual stuff (support for new devices, small fixes), the
most notable change is USB autosuspend support for the usbhid driver
written by Oliver Neukum.

Also the compat stuff for legacy hotplug is scheduled for removal.

Anssi Hannula (1):
HID: add support for another version of 0e8f:0003 device in hid-pl

Jiri Kosina (5):
HID: bring back possibility to specify vid/pid ignore on module load
HID: do not try to compile PM code with CONFIG_PM unset
HID: hid_reset_resume() needs to be defined only when CONFIG_PM is set
HID: support for Kensington slimblade device
HID: add support for Kye/Genius Ergo 525V

Jiri Slaby (1):
HID: remove compat stuff

Oliver Neukum (4):
HID: autosuspend support for USB HID
HID: fix race between usb_register_dev() and hiddev_open()
HID: fix USB HID devices after STD with autosuspend
HID: autosuspend -- fix lockup of hid on reset

Paul Collins (1):
HID: constify arrays of struct apple_key_translation

Pavel Machek (1):
HID: make HID_DEBUG defaults consistent

Richard Walmsley (1):
HID: DragonRise game controller force feedback driver

Ryan Finnie (1):
HID: Support Apple mini aluminum keyboard

Jiri Kosina

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