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SubjectRe: BUG in 2.6.29 final: broken network connection

* sinter <> wrote:

> > And there's an easy solution for you in any case: you can wait
> > for .29.1 which i'm sure will be out quickly.
> And what top-class advice would you give me if I would have found
> that serious bug in .29.8 or in .29.9? Due to your answer every
> shit is possible and nothing is impossible, or did I get something
> wrong?

You got it exactly right.

This world is ruled by probabilities, and generally everything is
possible - even a bug slipping into a .0 release that you could
trigger personally, even though -rc1 through -rc8 worked just fine
for you.

Such things happened before, and they can happen again. Yes, it can
hit you - and it did hit me too and i'm not complaining.

We still try our best to reduce the probabilities. We cannot,
however, unfortunately, bring them down to zero. The fix looked
reasonable and the justification of it fixing a live crash looked
reasonable too.

What we can do, and what we did do, was to provide people (you
included) with a fix within 12 hours after the code having been

That's the deal really.


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