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Subject2.6.30 Xen merge plan (what's in xen.git)
Hi Ingo, Linus,

I have several topic branches which I'd like to merge in this merge
window. They fall into two classes: those which make significant
changes to arch/x86 files, and those which just touch Xen-specific files.

The x86-touching ones should definitely go via tip.git, just to keep
things sane and orderly.

How should we handle the rest? Should I send them directly to Linus, or
put them via x86.git too? Either way, they'll generally need to go
after the non-Xen changes.

(I'll post full pull-requests with diffstats as followups to this mail.)

All branches in git://

Branches which mostly or entirely Xen (only trivial non-Xen changes):


Updates to existing Xen support, features, optimisations, etc.


A set of usermode interfaces for Xen (/sys/hypervisor, /dev/evtchn,
updates to xenbus and xenfs)


Core set of changes to add Xen dom0 functionality. (Mostly
Xen-only, but adds a new Xen mtrr driver.)

Branches with non-trivial non-Xen changes:


Allow preemption while doing a lazy mmu update.


Changes to hook the Xen dom0 apic model into the standard platform
apic code. HPA reviewed and OKed this.


Add a Xen pci driver and dma_ops implementations. Small changes to
x86 pci+swiotlb code to add some function calls.


Change the AGP driver to allocate its memory using the
pci_alloc_coherent to get guaranteed physically contiguous memory,
and use proper phys<->bus functions so that Xen's pseudo-phys <->
machine mappings are handled properly.


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