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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/30] disallow SERIAL_8250_PNP with SERIAL_8250_CONSOLE
> This patch looks very controversial from my POV. Now distro people must decide
> what to enable SERIAL_8250_PNP or SERIAL_8250_CONSOLE. And no matter what you

They do already, otherwise your machine crashes at boot.

> choose you'll get a regression, non-working serial console vs broken detection of
> perfectly working hardware like additional serial ports on industrial computers,
> notebook touchpads and finally old and dusty ISA PnP modems.
> How widespread are these "known but hard to fix issues", to justify such drastic
> change ?

Any situation where you have a serial console on an ISAPnP device
explodes on boot. I do intend to find a better fix for this, but in the
meantime it is best that the quick fix goes in IMHO.

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