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SubjectRe: [Bug #12792] 2.6.29-rc6-git4 boot failure

> I narrowed it down to 2.6.28-git2(Boots) while 2.6.28-git4(fails to boot).
> I could not boot test 2.6.28-git3 as i ran into kernel compilation issues.
> Here is the error message i got when i tried compiling 2.6.28-git3.
> LD vmlinux.o
> ld: dynreloc miscount for kernel/built-in.o, section .opd
> ld: can not edit opd Bad value
> I think the above one was some tool chain related issue.
> I don't know how to git bisect using these two releases (2.6.28-git2/2.6.28-git4).
> I guess that is not possible since there are no commit tags for these releases.
> But i could be wrong.
> Is there anything else that i could try out to find a solution for this ?
> The machine in question is a Power Mac G5 running Ubuntu Hardy with a
> PPC970, altivec supported CPU(2).
> For the record i can still recreate this issue with 2.6.29-rc8-git6.

Strange I have such a powermac here and haven't seen that problem... let
me dig a bit.


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