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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] utrace-based ftrace "process" engine, v2
> kernel/utrace.c should probably be introduced as 
> kernel/trace/utrace.c not kernel/utrace.c. It also overlaps pending
> work in the tracing tree and cooperation would be nice and desired.

Of course I would like to cooperate with everyone. And of course it does
not really matter much where a source file lives. But IMHO utrace really
does not fit in with the kernel/trace/ code much at all. Sure, its hooks
can be used by tracer implementations that use CONFIG_TRACING stuff. But
it is a general API about user thread state. It belongs in kernel/trace/
"naturally" far less than, say, kprobes. utrace will in future be used to
implement userland features (ptrace et al) that are just aspects of the
basics of what an operating system does: mediate userland for userland.
Those uses will have nothing to do with "kernel tracing".


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