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SubjectRe: My new fancy font for framebuffer
On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 06:22:11PM +0900, Baybal Ni wrote:
> Yes, but we want it to be bundled in kernel, for me it is the only
> option for systems with qvga screens or so on. Old fonts were nice
> only on CRT displays, but on TFTs they are giving too much load on
> eyes and brain. More clean contoured fonts are effectively cutting it.

Who are the "we" who want it to be in the kernel ?

There are _many_ available screen fonts, and I can understand
people being unhappy with the common existing fonts, particularly
once messages move beyond English into whatever locale you are using
(I use my own variant console font [1] to cover most European
languages with letter forms that I find easy to read), but what
specific problem does putting terminus in the kernel solve ?

e.g. are the kernel's boot messages *before* you run 'setfont'
illegible ? If so, what is your specific hardware ?

I've been using only TFTs for a few years, and I don't see any
significant problems, only questions of preferred letter shapes and
glyph coverage. But then, I'm a native English speaker, so I have
to be willing to accept that a font I find easy to read might not be
easy for people who do not normally use a latin alphabet. If that
applies to you, you need to provide reasons why this belongs in the
kernel instead of userspace.


[1] sigma-consolefonts - you probably won't like it ;-)
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