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SubjectRe: kernel bug
Hugh Dickins wrote:
> This would become more interesting if you are able to reproduce it,

Just restarted the find command again, crashed after about 7 hours, this
time with just one line in messages, about the bad page state for `find`

> or something like it - is that massive removal of files something
> you often do without a problem, or was this new? What does your
> find/rm command line look like? I'm wondering if we have a bug
> with exceptionally long arg lists.

I ran a find to get rid of ~2.5M files in
~/.beagle/Indexes/Thunderbird/ToIndex which shouldn't have been there:
find ToIndex -type f -exec rm -f {} \;
This find runs pretty slowish.

The 2nd time I ran a sync severy 123 seconds to avoid big troubles in
case of a crash.

Now I just made a list of all files and have a small shell script delete
the files one by one.

I seldomly have these amounts of files to delete.
I never have this specific problem logged. (as far as I recall for this box)
It is typical that `find` triggers it and not cc1, Xorg etc.

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