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SubjectRE: [PATCH 1/5] bfa: Brocade BFA FC SCSI driver (bfad)
> some quick general comments:
> - Patch needs to be run through again.
> - If you are not implementing a callout like issue_lip then you do not
> need to implement a function that does nothing.
> - Remove the OS compat stuff that just calls right into the linux
> function. For example kill bfad_os_pci_probe.

We will fix all he checkpatch issues and make necessary cleanups and
resubmit soon.

> > +
> > + im_port->shost->hostdata[0] = (unsigned long)im_port;
> I think I asked about this before. Why do you just not allocate the
> or im_port in the hostdata? What is the struct hierarchy? Do you have
> one bfad for the entire HBA/pci_device then have a im_port for each
> on the hba?

Thanks for review the code again. Yes, we have one bfad for each HBA
port/pci device, and one im_port (im stands for initiator mode) for each
scsi_host/vport. We can certainly allocate im_port in scsi_host_alloc()
as you suggest, but currently we allocate all possible fc4 port
(initiator/tgt/ipfc) in one function, and it is just more convenient to
do it in one place.



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