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SubjectRe: [PATCH 06/13] async_tx: add support for asynchronous GF multiplication
Hi Dan,

Dan Williams wrote:
>> Why does it? I don't see why you'd need to cover the vector-vector case
>> at all, since it doesn't appear anywhere in the algorithms. Certainly
>> going backwards from a vector-vector set to derive if you can do a
>> scalar-vector multiply when you should have known that in the first
>> place is not really useful.
>>> Looking closer, the only other caller, async_pq_zero_sum, can be
>>> deleted because it has no users. So async_pq can become a static
>>> routine in async_r6recov.
>> That's another issue entirely, of course :)
> ...ah, but now I see your point and the root cause of the problem.
> The caller needs to be modified to only require scalar multiplication
> even in this corner case.

Argh... There is no vector-vector multiplication at all! You just need
to swap the 'for' cycles back (as it was in the original patch by me and
Yuri) to get rid of two-dimensional lookup at each step.

Regards, Ilya.

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