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SubjectRe: [PATCH] input: elantech.c make sure touchpad is really in absolute mode
Hi Arjan,

On Thursday 19 March 2009 22:52:39 Arjan Opmeer wrote:
> From: Arjan Opmeer <>
> There exist laptops with Elantech touchpads where switching to absolute
> mode does not happen, although writing the configuration register succeeds
> without error. Reading back the register afterwards reveils that the
> absolute mode bit is not set as if masked out by the touchpad firmware.
> Always read back register 0x10, make sure that for hardware version 1 the
> absolute mode bit is actually set and fail otherwise. This prevents the
> case where the touchpad is claimed by the Elantech driver but is
> nonetheless not working.

Makes sense, will apply. Although, have you tried repeating the switch or
maybe issuing full reset before trying again?


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