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SubjectProject idea for the Google Summer of Code 2009

I got a project idea (see below) from Shilp Dixit for the Google Summer
of Code 2009 through the general contact address

It seems to be a kernel-related project and now I would like that
someone reviews the suggestion and if he thinks that it is interesting
offers his mentorship. Please also feel free to ask Shilp for further



Project idea
Shilp Dixit <>
Fri, 20 Mar 2009 21:29:47 +0530


I am a third year engineering student from India and am
very enthusiastic about getting into source development.

This is my first year at Google Summer of Code ( considering i get

I want to develop a GUI based Linux-remastering tool as a my Google
Summer of Code project. This application will enable even non-tech users
to create their own personalized versions of the operating system. I am
very enthusiastic about the project and guarantee that I will take full
responsibility for the project.

I have been looking for an opportunity to gain entry into open source
development and this will be a great chance that I do not want to squander.

I have subsrcibed to the IRC channel under the nickname "rST" ... Please
feel free to ask me anything related to the project or anything about me.


(P.S : I am attaching my resume )



This is with reference to my earlier mail about the GUI
based Linux rematering tool. I have prepared the project details and
also the use cases of the project.

I will be preparing the subversion snapshot of the application very soon
but was hoping for some extra time as I am studying for my GRE which is
on the 6th of april... I am very keen on developing this project so
please do not take this as an excuse to turn away from work.

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