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Subject[PATCH 0/3] compressed in-memory swapping take2

It allows creating a RAM based block device which acts as swap disk.
Pages swapped to this device are compressed and stored in memory itself.
This is a big win over swapping to slow hard-disk which are typically used
as swap disk. For flash, these suffer from wear-leveling issues when used
as swap disk - so again its helpful. For swapless systems, it allows more
apps to run.

* Changelog: take2 vs initial revision:
xvmalloc changes:
- Use Linux kernel coding sytle for xvmalloc
- Collapse all individual flag test/set/get to generic {test_set_get}_flag
- Added BLOCK_NEXT() macro to reach next contiguous block
- Other minor cleanups - no functional changes
compcache block device code:
- compcache core changes due to change in xvmalloc interface names

Links to performance numbers, use cases can be found in original thread:

Thanks to Christoph and Pekka for feedback on initial revision.


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