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SubjectRe: [GIT PATCH] block: cleanup patches, take#2

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
>> Heh... for some reason, I think Stephen wouldn't have much problem
>> merging those conflicts.
> Well, you can just ask Stephen if he is fine with fixing merge conflicts
> for a week or so. If he agrees fine with me. I just wouldn't like to see
> the _whole_ tree dropped from linux-next because of the last moment block
> _cleanup_ patches.

Okay, let's postpone them to .31 window.

>> I understand that you're constrained time and resource-wise and will
>> be happy to make things easier on your side but options are severely
>> limited if you don't want to take any changes other than from
>> upstream. It would be best if you can maintain IDE changes in a git
>> tree. All that you lose are petty controls over change history. The
>> tree might look less tidy but it makes things much easier when
>> multiple trees are involved. I'll be happy to provide merge commits
> I have been planning on quilt -> git conversion of pata-2.6 tree for some
> time now but these merge conflicts happen very seldom (once in 6-12 months)
> while the transition period would require quite a lot of time and work...
> Anyway point taken.

Ah... that sounds great. Yeah, conversion does take time and effort
to get accustomed to, but I think it will be well worth the while.

>> between blk and ide at sync points, so that you can pull from them and
>> don't have to worry about conflicts. I don't really think it will add
>> a lot to your workload.
>> That said, let's postpone this patchset post -rc1 window and see how
>> things can be worked out then. Hmmm... I'll move the IDE patches on
>> top of linux-next/pata-2.6 with other IDE patches.
> Please do and thanks for understanding.
> I think that we can deal with the rest of patches without a problem in the
> second week of the merge window so everything will be nicely sorted out by
> the time of -rc1.

Thanks. Much appreciated. I'll send IDE patchset in a few days.


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