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    SubjectRe: [crash] Re: Latest brk patchset
    Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:
    > Yinghai Lu wrote:
    >> could be max_pfn_mapped change in head_32.S that reduce mapping range
    >> to _end only.
    > Yes, I would say you're right. Trimming the mapping to _end only leaves
    > the space under the kernel avaliable for allocating pagetable from e820
    > space. In this case we've got DEBUG_PAGEALLOC enabled, which inhibits
    > the use of PSE, and BIOS corruption checking on, which eats a chunk of
    > low memory. In combination, there's only 0x8f000 bytes free below the
    > kernel, and it needs 0xe1000 to allocate for pagetables.
    > Reverting 2bd2753ff46346543ab92e80df9d96366e21baa5 fixes the problem for
    > me, though it does result in a kernel with a 73MB BSS...

    I did kind of think that was a bit fishy, but I somehow assumed you'd
    taken the consequences into account. Obviously not.

    The 73 MB brk isn't a problem per se as it will not be used in most
    systems. This, in fact, is the whole reason for using brk and not just
    bss: it allows unused brk to be reclaimed at a relatively early stage.


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