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    Subject2.6.29 acpi regression: acpi_ex_extract_from_field -- div by zero

    sometimes, when booting up/resuming from disk, I get an oops[1].

    obj_desc->common_field.access_bit_width is zero, but even after the
    loop. Division before the loop is apparently OK.

    This is the case:
    /* Mask off any extra bits in the last datum */

    buffer_tail_bits = obj_desc->common_field.bit_length %

    xorl %edx, %edx #
    movzbl 37(%rbx), %esi #
    movl 24(%rbx), %eax # <variable>.common_field.bit_length,
    --------------- here:
    divl %esi # <variable>.common_field.access_bit_width
    movl %edx, %ecx #, tmp121
    testl %edx, %edx # tmp121
    je .L41 #,


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