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SubjectRe: [patch] aio: remove aio-max-nr and instead use the memlock rlimit to limit the number of pages pinned for the aio completion ring
Eric Dumazet a écrit :
> Jeff Moyer a écrit :
>> Avi Kivity <> writes:
>>> Jeff Moyer wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Believe it or not, I get numerous questions from customers about the
>>>> suggested tuning value of aio-max-nr. aio-max-nr limits the total
>>>> number of io events that can be reserved, system wide, for aio
>>>> completions. Each time io_setup is called, a ring buffer is allocated
>>>> that can hold nr_events I/O completions. That ring buffer is then
>>>> mapped into the process' address space, and the pages are pinned in
>>>> memory. So, the reason for this upper limit (I believe) is to keep a
>>>> malicious user from pinning all of kernel memory. Now, this sounds like
>>>> a much better job for the memlock rlimit to me, hence the following
>>>> patch.
>>> Is it not possible to get rid of the pinning entirely? Pinning
>>> interferes with page migration which is important for NUMA, among
>>> other issues.
>> aio_complete is called from interrupt handlers, so can't block faulting
>> in a page. Zach mentions there is a possibility of handing completions
>> off to a kernel thread, with all of the performance worries and extra
>> bookkeeping that go along with such a scheme (to help frame my concerns,
>> I often get lambasted over .5% performance regressions).
> This aio_completion from interrupt handlers keep us from using SLAB_DESTROY_BY_RCU
> instead of call_rcu() for "struct file" freeing.
> I would love if we could get rid of this mess...

Speaking of that, I tried to take a look at this aio stuff and have one question.

Assuming that __fput() cannot be called from interrupt context.
-> fput() should not be called from interrupt context as well.

How comes we call fput(req->ki_eventfd) from really_put_req()
from interrupt context ?

If user program closes eventfd, then inflight AIO requests can trigger
a bug.

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