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Subject[PATCH] libata: change drive ready wait after hard reset to 5s

I'm re-sending this patch... I didn't get a response last time I sent
this in a week ago. (Is there something wrong with it?) Thanks! ...

This fixes problems during resume with drives that take longer than 1s
to be ready. The ATA-6 spec appears to allow 5 seconds for a drive to
be ready.

On one affected system, this patch changes "PM: resume devices took..."
message from 17 seconds to 4 seconds, and gets rid of a lot of ugly
timeout/error messages.

Without this patch, the libata code moves on after 1s, tries to send a
soft reset (which the drive doesn't see because it isn't ready) which
also times out, then an IDENTIFY command is sent to the drive which
times out, and finally the error handler will try to send another hard
reset which will finally get things working.

Sorry to send as an attachment, but my mail server will wrap text.

Signed-off-by: Stuart Hayes <>

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