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SubjectRe: [RFC git tree] Userspace RCU (urcu) for Linux (repost)
On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 11:58:41PM -0500, Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
> (sorry for repost, I got the ltt-dev email wrong in the previous one)
> Hi Paul,
> I figured out I needed some userspace RCU for the userspace tracing part
> of LTTng (for quick read access to the control variables) to trace
> userspace pthread applications. So I've done a quick-and-dirty userspace
> RCU implementation.
> It works so far, but I have not gone through any formal verification
> phase. It seems to work on paper, and the tests are also OK (so far),
> but I offer no guarantee for this 300-lines-ish 1-day hack. :-) If you
> want to comment on it, it would be welcome. It's a userland-only
> library. It's also currently x86-only, but only a few basic definitions
> must be adapted in urcu.h to port it.
> Here is the link to my git tree :
> git://

Very cool!!! I will take a look!

I will also point you at a few that I have put together:


(In the CodeSamples/defer directory.)

Thanx, Paul

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