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SubjectRe: [patch 5/7] make netfilter use strict integer types
Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> On Thursday 2009-02-26 00:51, wrote:
>> Netfilter traditionally uses BSD integer types in its
>> interface headers. This changes it to use the Linux
>> strict integer types, like everyone else.
> I _strongly disagree_ with this move. Userspace also has the uintX
> types via <stdint.h>/<cstdint>, and now you are adding a dependency
> on linux/types.h, not to mention that your step can lead to compile
> time piling up.
> IMHO, __uXX should be replaced by uintX_t, but a move this great I
> will leave to future generations because there is just too much
> persisting opinions wrt. such proposal. As such I'd like to join
> and persist on my position and that uintX that we have should be kept.
>> - u_int8_t flags;
>> - u_int8_t mask;
>> + __u8 flags;
>> + __u8 mask;

Not to mention the fact that the standard type is uint8_t, not u_int8_t
as the file currently have, which makes it double broken.


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