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    SubjectRe: [patch 5/7] make netfilter use strict integer types
    Jan Engelhardt wrote:
    > I _strongly disagree_ with this move. Userspace also has the uintX
    > types via <stdint.h>/<cstdint>, and now you are adding a dependency
    > on linux/types.h, not to mention that your step can lead to compile
    > time piling up.
    > IMHO, __uXX should be replaced by uintX_t, but a move this great I
    > will leave to future generations because there is just too much
    > persisting opinions wrt. such proposal. As such I'd like to join
    > and persist on my position and that uintX that we have should be kept.

    We *CAN'T* replace __uXX with uintX_t. Period, full stop, end of story.
    It isn't possible to do universally, and doing it non-universally is
    just silly. Nor is it likely that this adds anything to the compile
    time, since most realistic programs will have a dependency on
    <linux/types.h> through some indirect path.

    Now, I have to say I'd personally would prefer if make headers_install
    did this transformation mechanically for the common integer types,
    instead of requiring it to have the source code formatted in a specific


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