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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tracing/markers: make markers select tracepoints

(cc to Frank and Mathieu)

> > > config MARKERS
> > > bool "Activate markers"
> > > - depends on TRACEPOINTS
> > > + select TRACEPOINTS
> > > help
> > > Place an empty function call at each marker site. Can be
> > > dynamically changed for a probe function.
> >
> > but using "select" instead of "depends on" just causes the
> > kind of problem that you described, whereas using "depends on"
> > does follow dependency chains.
> Well, as long as the secondary selects are 'expanded' along the
> line of dependencies, it should still be fine. With an
> increasing number of dependencies it quickly becomes ugly
> though. This might be one of the cases where it works.
> Eventually we should eliminate markers, their uses can either be
> converted to new-style tracepoints, or to ftrace_printk().

IIRC, this suggestion still don't get agreement of all tracing feature stakeholder.
We need to definitely discuss more lot and deep.
so I wonder why don't we create linux-tracing new mailing list.

tracer feature perfectly have new ML creation condition
- very active development
- many stakeholder and developer
- use many common parts (eg, marker, kprobe, unified buffer)

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