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Subject[PATCH 0/13] FSL eSDHC support
Hi all,

Some updates for the eSDHC support:

Changes since the third RFC:
- Use uninitialized_var() (suggested by Laurent Pinchart);
- Fixed a bug in eSDHC SDCLK prescaler calculations because of which
we were over-clocking the SDCLK, and that caused CRC errors using some
SD cards;
- Not a change, but some status: SDHS (50 MHz) cards were tested to
NOT work (at least on MPC837x boards) -- this is to be investigated
further. SDHC (> 4 GB) cards were not tested, yet.

Changes since the second RFC:
- Addressed all comments that were raised by Pierre Ossman.
There were too many to mention them all, so here is the link:

Changes since the first RFC:
- Use of_iomap() in sdhci-of.c (suggested by Arnd Bergmann). Also added
Arnd's Acked-by: line for the sdhci-of patch.
- Kconfig help text improved (thanks to Matt Sealey and M. Warner Losh).
- In "sdhci: Add quirk to suppress PIO interrupts during DMA transfers"
patch: sdhci_init() now clears SDHCI_PIO_DISABLED flag, otherwise we
won't disable PIO interrupts after suspend.
- New patch: "sdhci: Add type checking for IO memory accessors"

Anton Vorontsov

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