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    SubjectRe: [Bonding-devel] 2.6.29 regression? Bonding tied to IPV6 in 29-rc5
    Jay Vosburgh wrote:
    > Brian Haley <> wrote:
    >> Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
    > [...]
    >>> This hard dependency was apparently introduced by this commit:
    >>> commit 305d552accae6afb859c493ebc7d98ca3371dae2
    >>> Author: Brian Haley <>
    >>> Date: Tue Nov 4 17:51:14 2008 -0800
    >>> bonding: send IPv6 neighbor advertisement on failover
    >> I initially had bonding IPv6 support as a Kconfig option, but it was
    >> decided it would be cleaner if it just got built-in whenever CONFIG_IPV6
    >> was set like SCTP, with the assumption you might want it.
    >> Is it a common configuration to not allow a module to load like you're
    >> doing in modprobe.conf? I don't know how hard it would be to rip this
    >> out into it's own bonding_ipv6.ko module, simply turning-off CONFIG_IPV6
    >> seems better.
    > I'm not sure either of those really helps. Distro kernels are
    > built with CONFIG_IPV6 (and would have the CONFIG_BONDING_IPV6_DINGUS
    > enabled as well), so the common case users would have it enabled, too.

    I think that was one of the reasons too.

    > Putting the ipv6 bits into a different module might not help,
    > either, because the "core" bonding code would still have the call to the
    > ipv6 functions. Unless there's some magic way to somehow know at
    > runtime whether or not the ipv6 module is loaded, and only try to
    > resolve those symbols if ipv6 is loaded. That seems complicated.

    This separate bonding_ipv6 module would have to register itself with the
    "core" one with a new proto_ops of some sort. Calls are made for the
    appropriate method, for example bond_ops->send_gratuitous(bond). We'd
    change the IPv4 code too. It's just a theory, does make things more

    > To answer your question, I have come across this (aliasing ipv6
    > to nothing in modprobe.conf to disable IPv6) from time to time, but
    > didn't think of it when the NA code was added to bonding.

    So I guess I'll start hacking the above, unless someone has a better


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