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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 14/18] ide: use ->tf_read in ide_read_error()

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:

    >>>>> register and handle it in ->tf_read.
    >>>> Doesn't seem like a good name -- you can't read the features
    >>>> register. I should've commented to this patch earlier, of course...
    > [ Yeah... preferably in June 2008 when this patch was posted... ]

    I was too busy acquainting myself with the wonderful world of ARM and
    MUSB back then... :-/

    >>> * Add IDE_TFLAG_IN_FEATURE taskfile flag for reading Feature
    > Trivial s/IN_*FEATURE/IN_*ERROR/ should do the job.
    > I will fix it later unless you beat me to it.

    Well, if I'm going to get my hands in the transport methods anyway, I
    think I'll address it.

    >>> Moreover, the error register shoudn't be affeceted by the HOB bit,
    >>> so this flag doesn't make sense.
    >> I meant IDE_TFLAG_IN_HOB_FEATURE, of course.
    > Once again blame the certain ioctl (you know which one)... :)

    Oh, horror... and I know that it wasn't completely ungrounded since
    both ATA/PI-6 adn -7 have words about reading the features register
    (depending on HOB). At least ATA/PI-8 got rid of this. Anyway, I think
    we can safely get rid of this flag and just return the same value in
    'features' and 'hob_features'. Besides, union ide_reg_valid_s also has
    such interesting fields as 'select_hob' and 'control_hob' but they seem
    to be ignored altogether (as long as 'select') if I don't mistake...

    > Thanks,
    > Bart

    MBR, Sergei

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