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Subject[review patch 0/1] add firedtv driver for FireWire-attached DVB receivers
The patch in the follow-up mail contains the firedtv driver for
FireWire-attached DVB boxes from Digital Everywhere GmbH. The driver
supports standard definition video reception (MPEG2-TS) of the DVB-C,
DVB-S/S2, and DVB-T boxes known as FireDTV (external devices) and
FloppyDTV (internal devices), their Common Interface for Conditional
Access Modules, and input from their infrared remote control.

High definition support is not yet implemented but people have voiced
interest to add it.

The driver is currently based on the ieee1394 driver stack but I started
to adapt it to the new firewire driver stack.

The driver was originally written by Andreas Monitzer and hosted in's v4l_experimental repository. From there it went through
Greg KH's staging tree way before staging was added to mainline; from
there I picked it up for's linux1394-2.6.git through which
it also was already exposed to linux-next for quite a while.

Manu Abraham, Ben Backx, and Henrik Kurelid updated and extended the
driver; I did lots of trivial cleanups and some refactoring and small

The history of the driver sources beginning with its addition to
staging can be looked at in linux1394-2.6.git; find the shortlog below.

The patch is available for 2.6.29-rc* in linux1394-2.6.git's firedtv

git:// firedtv

linux1394-2.6.git currently also contains backport branches:

git:// firedtv-2.6.28
git:// firedtv-2.6.27
git:// firedtv-2.6.26
git:// firedtv-2.6.25

Furthermore, firedtv is currently also available as patch tarballs and
as quilt series at

The history as in linux1394-2.6.git is fully "bisectable" i.e. does not
contain any known build bugs and a few minor known runtime bugs.

Addition of the interface with firewire-core will happen in
linux1394-2.6.git, but I expect longer-term maintenance of the driver to
be done via the DVB maintainers like with all other DVB drivers.

Comments on the patch in the following mail are very welcome. I target
the pre 2.6.30-rc1 window for mainline merge request of the driver, but
if feedback in this review round is positive I would even ask if the
driver can already be included before 2.6.29.

Size of the patch is ~80 kB, I hope it fits through the mailing lists.

Shortlog and diffstat:

Ben Backx (2):
firesat: fix DVB-S2 device recognition
firesat: add DVB-S support for DVB-S2 devices

Greg Kroah-Hartman (1):
DVB: add firesat driver

Henrik Kurelid (5):
firesat: update isochronous interface, add CI support
firesat: avc resend
firedtv: fix returned struct for ca_info
firedtv: use length_field() of PMT as length
firedtv: fix registration - adapter number could only be zero

Julia Lawall (1):

Rambaldi (2):
firedtv: rename files from firesat to firedtv
firedtv: rename variables and functions from firesat to firedtv

Stefan Richter (54):
firesat: add missing copyright notes
firesat: rename to firedtv
firedtv: nicer registration message and some initialization fixes
firedtv: some header cleanups
firedtv: replace semaphore by mutex
firedtv: move some code back to ieee1394 core
firedtv: replace tasklet by workqueue job
firedtv: fix remote control input
ieee1394: use correct barrier types between accesses of nodeid and generation
ieee1394: add hpsb_node_read() and hpsb_node_lock()
ieee1394: inherit ud vendor_id from node vendor_id
firedtv: use hpsb_node_read(), _write(), _lock()
firedtv: add vendor_id and version to driver match table
firedtv: remove unused dual subunit code from initialization
firedtv: fix initialization of dvb_frontend.ops
firedtv: remove unused struct members
firedtv: fix string comparison and a few sparse warnings
firedtv: register input device as child of a FireWire device
firedtv: remove various debug code
firedtv: remove AV/C debug code
firedtv: remove CA debug code
firedtv: trivial cleanups in firesat-ci
firedtv: trivial cleanups in cmp
firedtv: remove bitfield typedefs from cmp, fix for big endian CPUs
firedtv: don't retry oPCR updates endlessly
firedtv: trivial cleanups in avc_api
firedtv: trivial reorganization in avc_api
firedtv: replace mdelay by msleep
firedtv: increase FCP frame length for DVB-S2 tune QSPK
firedtv: iso: style changes and fixlets
firedtv: iso: remove unnecessary struct type definitions
firedtv: iso: move code to firedtv-1394
firedtv: cmp: move code to avc
firedtv: avc: reduce stack usage, remove two typedefs
firedtv: avc: fix offset in avc_tuner_get_ts
firedtv: avc: remove bitfields from FCP frame types
firedtv: avc: header file cleanup
firedtv: avc: remove bitfields from DSD command operands
firedtv: avc: remove bitfields from read descriptor response operands
firedtv: avc, ci: remove unused constants
firedtv: misc style touch-ups
firedtv: combine header files
firedtv: remove kernel version compatibility macro
firedtv: amend Kconfig menu prompt
firedtv: concentrate ieee1394 dependencies
firedtv: replace EXTRA_CFLAGS by ccflags
firedtv: allow build without input subsystem
firedtv: dvb demux: fix missing braces
firedtv: dvb demux: fix mutex protection
firedtv: dvb demux: remove a bogus loop
firedtv: dvb demux: some simplifications
firedtv: dvb demux: more compact channels backing store
firedtv: rename a file once more
firedtv: some more housekeeping

drivers/ieee1394/dma.h | 1 +
drivers/ieee1394/ieee1394_core.c | 1 +
drivers/ieee1394/ieee1394_transactions.c | 29 +
drivers/ieee1394/ieee1394_transactions.h | 2 +
drivers/ieee1394/iso.h | 1 +
drivers/ieee1394/nodemgr.c | 10 +-
drivers/ieee1394/nodemgr.h | 18 +
drivers/media/dvb/Kconfig | 4 +
drivers/media/dvb/Makefile | 2 +
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/Kconfig | 22 +
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/Makefile | 8 +
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-1394.c | 285 +++++++
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-avc.c | 1235 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-ci.c | 260 ++++++
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-dvb.c | 364 +++++++++
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-fe.c | 246 ++++++
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-rc.c | 190 +++++
drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv.h | 182 +++++
18 files changed, 2857 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 drivers/media/dvb/firewire/Kconfig
create mode 100644 drivers/media/dvb/firewire/Makefile
create mode 100644 drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-1394.c
create mode 100644 drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-avc.c
create mode 100644 drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-ci.c
create mode 100644 drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-dvb.c
create mode 100644 drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-fe.c
create mode 100644 drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv-rc.c
create mode 100644 drivers/media/dvb/firewire/firedtv.h

Stefan Richter
-=====-==--= --=- =----

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