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SubjectRe: [PATCH] lenovo-sl-laptop : driver for review
On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 02:59:18AM -0500, Alexandre Rostovtsev wrote:

> +Fn F9 (eject): KEY_EJECTCD (161)

No - this is a dock eject key, not a CD eject key.

> +Fn F12 (hibernate): KEY_SUSPEND (205)

> +/sys/devices/platform/lenovo-sl-laptop/rfkill/rfkill*/
> + The bluetooth rfkill. state is the switch state (0 for bluetooth off,
> + 1 for bluetooth on).
> + Note that in case future versions of the driver add other rfkill switches,
> + userspace programs should check that the rfkill name is lensl_bluetooth_sw

Surely they should just be checking the rfkill type?

> +control_backlight:
> + If this parameter is set to 1, this driver will intercept brightness keys
> + (Fn+Home and Fn+End) and control the backlight brightness. This feature is
> + useful because the default ACPI video driver currently has poor support
> + for the Lenovo SL series. If you enable this feature, you should add
> + acpi_backlight=vendor

Please don't do that - the kernel shouldn't be consuming the brightness
events itself, that should be left up to userspace. The ACPI video
driver is broken in this respect.

> +static struct device_attribute dev_attr_bluetooth_enable =
> + __ATTR(bluetooth_enable, S_IWUSR | S_IRUGO,
> + bluetooth_enable_show, bluetooth_enable_store);

You support rfkill, so I'm not sure there's a benefit in exposing the
same functionality via a custom sysfs node.

Matthew Garrett |

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