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SubjectRE: [PATCH 0/8] git pull request for tip/tracing/core
> > Before we go and make the change, Peter brought up a good point on IRC. Is
> > there any reason that ia64 needs 1 << 14 IRQs? That's 16384!
> >
> > Perhaps the better solution wolud be (if possible), to simply lower the
> > number of bits.
> i'm the wrong person to be asked about that. (Cc:-ed the right people)

People build some pretty big systems on ia64. SGI's largest has 4096
cpus ... so 16384 IRQs is only 4 per cpu. That doesn't sound like very
many to me.

Fujitsu added the vector domain support for ia64 to get around the shortage
of IRQs for large machines. Added them to the Cc: list to see if they have
comments on how many IRQs are needed.


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