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SubjectRe: [PATCH 002/002] de2104x: support for systems lacking cache coherence
2009/2/10 Andrew Morton <>:
> Please prefer to prepare patches in `patch -p1' form:
> --- a/drivers/net/tulip/Kconfig
> +++ a/drivers/net/tulip/Kconfig
I'll try to remember that.

> I think CONFIG_DE2104X_DSL is always defined if this driver is being
> compiled. So the Kconfig `default' should suffice here? In which case
> we can do
> #define DSL CONFIG_DE2104X_DSL
> and leave it at that.
> In which case we can do away with DSL everywhere and just use
> CONFIG_DE2104X_DSL here.
I was thinking of the case where someone just compiles without reconfiguring.

> But really, we shouldn't do this at configuration time at all. It
> would be much better to do it at runtime, via a module parameter.
Well, yeah, but that would probably cost cpu cycles. At least it would
mean lots of changes.

> And it would be much^2 better to do it automatically, based upon the
> chip probing information or whatever. That's probably hard.
I agree.

> Can remove the ifdefs here. A zero-length array is OK, and will
> consume zero space.
I was uncertain whether this applies to all compilers. I kind of
remember opposite cases in the past.


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