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    SubjectRe: is getting too slow
    On Sat, 2009-01-31 at 20:46 -0800, Greg KH wrote:

    > But defines do cross a line, and we should be able to check them
    > properly, isn't that what the original version of this was doing?

    The current version isn't able to detect the end of a define, single
    line or multi-line .. I think it only see's a semi-colon as a block
    ending, or "}".

    so if you had,

    #define block_one (1)
    #define block_two (2)
    ... [100 more single line defines] ...
    int i = block_one + block_two;

    The processing starts at "block_one" and that block ends at "int i =
    block_one + block_two;" , since that's the only line with a semi-colon.
    Then the processing moves to the next line "block_two" and that block
    also ends at "int i = block_one + block_two;" , and that happens 100
    times for each define moving down.

    However, each define should really be seen as a block of only one line,
    or when there's a multi-line define that should all be one block.


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